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How To Perform Basic First Aid


The first goal of any safety program is to prevent accidents by being prepared and proactive with all safety meansures.  Even then, accidents can still occur, and it is important to understand how to handle them.

First aid involves assisting an injured person until professional medical care is rendered.  First aid is temporary and not medical treatment.  It is intended to stabilize a person as much as possible until professional medical help arrives.  According to OSHA, first aid can include cleaning minor cuts, scrapes, or scratches; treating minor burns; applying bandages and dressings; the use of non-prescription medicine; draining blisters; removing debris from eyes; massage; and drinking fluids to relieve heat stress.

Workplaces are required by OSHA to provide medical and first-aid supplies and personnnel.  Knowing your company's policies and procedures can make a difference in the case of an emergency.  This month's Safety Alert can be used to start the conversation on your company's First Aid Program.


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