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Policy Services

Certificate of Insurance

A Certificate of Insurance is a document used to provide evidence that an entity is insured. You, as a business owner, may receive a request from an outside party to provide evidence of your workers’ compensation insurance. Certificates of Insurance are available from Georgia Administrative Services upon request at no charge.

Coverage Election or Rejection

The insurance policy is a legal contract between the carrier and the insured. It is essential in the audit process for the auditor to know the insured’s type of legal entity for coverage and premium computation purposes. Knowing the type of entity determines how the State Board Form WC-10 Notice of Election or Rejection of Workers’ Compensation Coverage must be completed regarding whether the officer will be subject to the provisions of the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Law. Per O.C.G.A 39-9-2.1 (a)(1), the maximum number of officers that may be exempted shall not exceed five. Below, please find a list of the legal entities and the action that must be taken to include or exclude your officers:

  1. Corporations/Limited Liability Company - Officers are automatically included unless specifically excluded by completing sections A & D of the State Board Form WC-10.
  2. Sole Proprietorships/Partnerships - Officers are automatically excluded unless specifically included by completing sections B & D of the State Board Form WC-10.

Any Fund member with any farm labor exposure shall complete sections C & D of State Board Form WC-10 electing to provide workers’ compensation coverage for farm laborers in order to bind and maintain coverage. This completed form must be on file with the AgriTrust of Georgia.

Deductible Program

The deductible will apply to each and every claim for the entire time in the Fund unless a new form is submitted changing this deductible. Per claim deductibles range from $100 to $2,500. Claims should be submitted to Georgia Administrative Services. You will receive a statement quarterly reflecting the deductible amounts you owe the AgriTrust of Georgia based on the development of your claims.

Drug Testing Program

AgriTrust of Georgia strongly encourages all Fund members to have a drug/substance abuse testing policy in place. Over 90% of businesses are affected by some type of substance abuse with 17% of the workforce practicing illicit drug use. Drug users are 5 times more likely to file a workers’ compensation claim. Small-to-medium size businesses are frequently targeted.

In order to receive premium credit for a drug/substance abuse testing program, a written drug policy statement, signed by an executive of the company, and a written plan that specifies the criteria for employee testing and training with regard to the hazards of drug/alcohol abuse must be submitted. A copy of your “Drug-Free Workplace” Certificate as issued by the State Board of Workers’ Compensation must be filed with us to receive the 7.5% discount. All AgriTrust of Georgia members receiving a Drug Testing Program discount shall submit verification as required by the AgriTrust of Georgia.

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