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*Monthly reports must be submitted to AgriTrust (if applicable).

Independent Insurance Agents

AgriTrust of Georgia has worked with independent insurance agents since program inception.  We are very proud of our relationships with well over one hundred agent friends across the state. We always welcome the opportunity to work with new agents.

Binding Authority

Binding authority rests only with AgriTrust of Georgia.  Agents promoting AgriTrust of Georgia are not charged with the authority to bind coverage without authorization provided by AgriTrust of Georgia.

The agent is not authorized to execute any documents on behalf of AgriTrust of Georgia without the express written consent of AgriTrust of Georgia including, but not limited to, Certificates of Insurance, Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation Farm Labor Registration and Testing Workers’ Compensation Information.

Producer Agreement

All independent insurance agents conducting business with AgriTrust shall complete a Producers Agreement and Agency Profile.  Annually, the producing agent must provide proof of E & O coverage with a minimum of $500,000 in coverage limits, as well as a current agency license.

Agent Benefits

  • Competitive Commission Rates
  • Prompt Commission Payments
  • Agents’ Conferences
  • Regional Seminars
  • Quarterly Conference Calls

Submission Guidelines

To receive a quote, submit a completed ACORD Application form along with currently valued loss runs.  Fax completed forms to Georgia Administrative Services at (888) 381-0924 or e-mail to

To bind coverage, the following information is required:

  1. Current membership in the Georgia Agribusiness Council.
  2. Signed ACORD application
  3. Deposit of Premium
  4. Signed Intrastate Agreement Acknowledgement Form
  5. Deductible Program Form
  6. Drug Test Program Form
  7. State Board WC-10 Notice of Election or Rejection of Workers’ Compensation Coverage (Note: Any Fund member with any form of labor exposure shall complete sections C & D of State Board Form WC-10 electing to provide workers’ compensation coverage for farm laborers in order to bind and maintain coverage.  This completed form must be on file with AgriTrust of Georgia.)
  8. Aviation Supplemental Application
  9. Any other information/documents as requested by the underwriter.

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