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About Company

AgriTrust of Georgia is a self-insured workers' compensation insurance program that serves agribusinesses across the state in a variety of industries. In addition to workers' compensation insurance coverage, AgriTrust offers policy, claims, and loss control services, plus a number of benefits and educational resources for its members.

Our Beginning

In April of 1992, the Georgia Agribusiness Council began studying the potential for a workers’ compensation insurance program for its members. On November 1, 1993, Georgia Insurance Commissioner Tim Ryles, after much discussion and deliberation, issued his approval of the Council’s family of workers’ compensation self-insured trust funds. Certificates of Authority were granted with Georgia Agribusiness Council Chairman Gene Sutherland and President Gary W. Black on hand. The three funds were consolidated into one Fund—AgriTrust of Georgia—on January 1, 1997.

The AgriTrust Fund

The Trustees of AgriTrust of Georgia have always been charged with the fiduciary responsibility to manage the Fund for the benefit of the Fund member-owners. The Trustees have made changes to the Fund operation from time to time based upon the best interest of the Fund members. In 2011, the Trustees made the decision to separate AgriTrust from the Council, both administratively and physically. AgriTrust staff reports directly to the AgriTrust of Georgia Trustees, and all management decisions concerning the Fund are made by the Trustees in conjunction with AgriTrust staff.

The Fund is owned by its policyholder members and is sponsored by the GAC. Georgia Administrative Services provides third-party administration for AgriTrust of Georgia.

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