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2022 Second Quarter Safety Initiative Winner

T & T Farms Winner of AgriTrust of Georgia Second Quarterly Safety Initiative for 2022

Bogart, Georgia –August 8, 2022 – Congratulations to T & T Farms of Leesburg, GA for being named the 2nd Quarter Winner of the AgriTrust of Georgia Quarterly Safety Initiative.

Farming is constantly listed as one of the most hazardous industries, and is one of the few industries in which family members (who often work and live on the farm as well) are also at risk for injuries. Having a strong safety foundation is vital to keeping employees and family members safe from the various hazards they are exposed to every day. Zack Thaggard of T & T Farms understands that as well as anyone.

Zack grew up farming with his dad, Sonny, who started T & T Farms in the 1970s. When Sonny passed away in 2016, Zack began managing the farms while his mother, Jackie, kept the office running. Their years of living and working on the farm has taught them that safety cannot be expressed enough. From meetings with just the managers to distributing handouts to all employees, T & T Farms uses a variety of safety trainings to ensure all their employees understand the value of safety. Their dedication to safety has earned T & T Farms a $2,000.00 check for winning the AgriTrust of Georgia’s Quarterly Safety Initiative.

AgriTrust of Georgia is a group self-insured workers’ compensation fund that provides workers’ compensation insurance coverage for the agricultural industry in the state of Georgia.  The Quarterly Safety Initiative is designed to encourage all of the fund members to participate in an active safety program. 


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