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2022 Fourth Quarter Safety Initiative Winner

J & B Irrigation, Inc. Winner of AgriTrust of Georgia Quarterly 4th Quarter Safety Initiative

Pictured Above: Tiffany Wilkerson and Ashlyn Wilkerson

Bogart, Georgia - February 2, 2023 - Congratulations to J & B Irrigation, Inc. from Morgan, Georgia for winning AgriTrust of Georgia's Quarterly Safety Initiative!

J & B Irrigation was founded in 1980 by jimmy Wilkerson and Bobby Peak. These life-long friends both grew up in Edison, Georgia where they went to school together, played baseball and basketball together, and then became business parterners together. Forty-two years later, J & B Irrigation has expanded from their home store in Morgan to include two other locations in Camilla and Leesburg to better provide irrigation equipment sales and service to southwest Georgia, north Florida, and southeast Alabama.

A major reason for their success starts with how they treat their employees. At J & B Irrigation, the staff are not just "employees," they are family. Providing constant safety reminders and training is just one of the ways J & B Irrigation shows they care about the health and safety of each of their family members.

The Quarterly Safety Initiative is a program that incentivizes safety training among the members of the AgriTrust of Georgia Fund. Anytime a member conducts a safety training/talk, this could be a formal safety meeting or a talk on the tailgate, they can enter their company into a drawing. Every quarter, an entry is selected as the winner and receives a $1,000.00 check. To make things more enticing, if the winner did not have a lost-time claim for that quarter, the amount doubles to $2,000.00. Having this mindset and J & B Irrigation's dedication to discussing safety with their employees has won them AgriTrust of Georgia's Quarterly Safety Initiative and a check for $2,000.00

AgriTrust of Georgia is a group self-insured workers' compensation fund that provides workers' compensation insurance coverage for the agricultural industry in the state of Georgia.