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2021 Third Quarter Safety Initiative Winner

Goolsby Farm Winner of AgriTrust of Georgia Quarterly Safety Initiative for 3rd Quarter

Bogart, Georgia – October 29, 2021 – For generations, the Goolsby family has been in the farming trade business. In 1995, Joel Goolsby and his two sons, Jason and Brian, started their own path by establishing Goolsby Farm. Goolsby Farm is a full-service grain purchasing, selling, and transport company offering solutions for all sizes of clients and customers. Dedication to growing the family business and serving their customers has led Goolsby Farm to increase their size and scope throughout the years. They have grown from being able to store 135,000 bushels in 2007 to having a storage capacity of 950,000 bushels in 2021. To fulfill their trucking needs, Giii Ag Transport was founded in 2010 and has now grown to a fleet of 24 trucks.

The grain handling industry is considered to be a high-hazard industry where workers can face many serious hazards. Fires, explosions, falls from heights, amputations, and entrapment are some of the life-threatening hazards workers can face every day. Thankfully, Goolsby Farm takes their safety seriously. “Safety First Always” is their guiding safety philosophy and it shows. In the 3rd quarter alone, Goolsby Farm submitted thirty-two safety trainings into the AgriTrust of Georgia Quarterly Safety Initiative. This attitude and dedication to safety are some of the reasons why Goolsby Farm has been selected as the AgriTrust of Georgia 3rd Quarter Safety Initiative Winner and earned a check for $2,000.00. With their winning, Goolsby Farm is going to invest the money back into their employees who strive for perfection and keeps their company growing strong.

AgriTrust of Georgia is a group self-insured workers’ compensation fund that provides workers’ compensation insurance coverage for the agricultural industry in the state of Georgia.